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About Zachar Cleaners & Pest Control

Cleaning and pest control services since 1995.

Reliable cleaning and pest control for residential and corporate clients.

Zachar Cleaners & Pest Control provides you with an environmentally safe, effective, and affordable solution to your cleaning and pest control needs.

We operate all over Gauteng, and our cleaning services are delivered by highly-trained professionals who use approved and nature-friendly cleaning products and equipment. Our products are highly effective, kill all bacteria, and can remove exceptionally dirty patches (e.g. tough stains and ink). Each and every product we use is safe for both individuals and pets.

Our services include residential cleaning, cleaning for builders of houses and commercial buildings, window cleaning, high-pressure water cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning, ablution and toilet cleaning, cleaning, stripping and sealing of all floors, and contract cleaning of offices, ablutions, and gardens.

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